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7 Habits of Highly Effective Diabetic: Saba Parvaiz


Many things of life are beyond our control for example if you diagnosed with diabetes it is beyond your control to stop this happening. But the one thing which is under our control is how we respond to that situation. In the light of 7 habits of highly effective people “Dr. Steven Convey” see how the use of these habits help the diabetic to turn around his diabetes in the successful direction. I am 65 years old diabetic and today I am going to share with you my experience that how the use of these habits helped me to face the challenges against the disasters of my disease. These habits not only help the person who diagnosed but also those who are at high risk of being diabetic.

My diabetes is very near to me so Be Proactive sabaperviz-web-imghelps me a lot as I started taking charge of my diabetes and its future by choices. These habits develop me a sense of responsibility in taking actions such as in selection of my food as I always buy diabetes friendly food for me, if my cravings for sweets getting overpower me. I have also some proactive plan to tackle them. Similarly I always proactively think about the planning regarding walk and exercise. Habit of proactivety helps a diabetic in several ways like it helps me in the participation of gatherings where I have to face social pressure regarding food and insulin usage. With the help of be proactive habit I have also learned the management of my mood.

Second habit of Begin with end in mind teaches me about the vision of consequences as a result of choosing any action. It develop me a sense that I can actively shape my future by envisioning the result which mean that all things are created twice first in our mind and then in reality. Being diabetic my every step leads me towards any result for example the disturbance in food, walk and mismanagement of mood with directly affect my HbA1c. So when I learn this habit I became able to choose better options which further facilities me to maintain my HbA1c. 

Through third habit of Put first thing first I came to know about the prioritizations in life and obviously my life and health is my first priority, so when I set my priority my actions start following my thoughts. One more thing I must share diabetes bring discipline in my life and this habit of setting priorities help me a lot to live a disciplined life.

I really started a enjoying a pleasure come from win win game because it develops a great sense of contentment which comes from the equal benefits of both parties, in my case the other teams are family, friends and my health care professional. When I work on Win Win deals I have noticed that I worked on more solutions which helped me a lot to maintain my relations with family and health care profession which resultant in compliance in treatment which is a long term benefit in managing my HbA1c.

Being diabetic I know I am at high risk of health problem but this thing is really difficult for me to understand that I am not illegible to enjoy the taste of certain things which are pro to my diabetes, at the same time my family put lots of effort to make me understand the fact to stop eating things which are not good for my health, so sometime this difference of opinion creates a huge trouble. So fifth habit of First seek to understand than to be understood solve my this problem so smoothly this habit develop a communication bond between me and family rather making judgment of feeling against of me, Now me and my family is on a same pace regarding management strategies.

Habit of Synergizing is blessing I must say because now I think what if I only have to face my disease? But thank God with the help of my team in which my family, friends and health care professional is included it is easy for me to handle my diabetes, everyone in my team play part and which shares my “diabetes difficulties”.

In the end this is message for all fellow diabetes “when you learn skills of handling your diabetes it does not mean the story ends. Although this is the time when you need to polish your knowledge about the skills you have learnt. Another problem arises when we get into the trap that we don’t need to use skills, learning is enough. These phenomena fade away out learning of something. So there is a need that we amalgamate or inculcate these skills into our daily life and then one day they become the automatic part of our life. Upgrade the knowledge also helps to improve skills with modern concept. This is the 7th habit Sharpen the saw teached me to improve my learned skills in the all aspects of life such as physical, mental, social and spiritual so at the end my message for my fellow diabetes is that these 7 habits are our key to successfully managing our diabetes I CAN SAY THIS because these habits made me “Successful and Highly Effective Diabetic”.

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