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Dr. Syeda Arzinda Fatima

Dr SyedaArzinda Fatima, a bright graduate of Rawalpindi Medical College, completed her post-graduation by serving in Rawalpindi General Hospital, Holy family hospital and Mayo hospital Lahore. Apart from her vigorous and active involvement in above mentioned busy public sector hospitals, she has been working in Sheikh Zayed hospital and Model town ladies club medical centre in Lahore. She has been a key team member during her stay in the afore-mentioned hospitals and successfully treated and managed various patients with multiple diseases like Diabetes with heart, kidney, eye, skin and neurological disorders.

With her diverse experience of managing complicated diabetic patients, she joined DIP as consultant diabetologist. At DIP she is mainly focusing on managing type 1 and 2 diabetic patients, conducting awareness sessions for diabetic patients and their families, training diabetes educators and counselors, and contributing towards patient awareness programs through her informative articles being published on DIP website on weekly basis.

She has special interest in treatment of Type 1 diabetic patients and their counseling regarding life style changes to prevent the development of life threatening complications and thereby help in moulding these young people into productive citizens of the society. 

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