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Five Myths of the Weight-Loss Plateau

Strategies to Jump-start Your Weight Loss You gingerly step up onto the scale and see it again, the same exact number ...

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Not a Normal Part of Aging Depression is a serious concern for anyone, and no less so when a person has diabetes. ...

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How to Avoid Errors in Diabetes Care

Medical errors generally make the news only when they are particularly dramatic – the wrong leg is amputated, for example ...

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Your Diabetes Management Plan

Why It Pays to Have One Whether you have had diabetes for years or are newly diagnosed, you know that dealing with this ...

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Nausea and Vomiting

Most, if not all of us will be familiar with the feeling of nausea, which is basically the feeling of ...

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Slow Healing of Cuts and Wounds

Wounds or sores that take more than a few weeks to heal might be infected and require medical treatment, and ...

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Diabetes and Anxiety

Anxiety is a fear based mental state Anxiety can be defined as a fear-based mental state, normally felt as a discomforting ...

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Teenagers and Diabetes

1 in 7 teens achieve their HbA1c targets Diabetes in teenage years tends to be more difficult than at other points ...

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