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diabetes and life style

Glucose Intolerance

Glucose intolerance is an umbrella term for metabolic conditions which result in higher than normal blood glucose levels – hyperglycemia.

Western lifestyles have seen glucose intolerance become more common year on year.
What conditions

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Oral Diabetes Medications

A list of oral diabetes medications with advantages, disadvantages, and side effects. Click on the name of a drug for more information.

Glucophage XR


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Reversing Type 2 diabetes

Around a quarter of a million people in Scotland have Type 2 Diabetes and the number is rising. If you ‘ve been diagnosed with it and feel the future is bleak, just how can you get the best out of yourself … and is it possible to actually turn things around? Gillian Russell spends the day with Isobel Murray (and husband Jim) in Largs to hear about her life before and after Type 2 Diabetes – the impact her diagnosis had on her life, why she took part in a research project and how she managed to reverse her condition through losing weight, changing her diet and increasing her exercise.

“I’ ve got my life back …”

Mike Lean, Professor of Human Nutrition at the

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Understanding Diabetes

A condition that affects how your body uses energy in the form of glucose from food, diabetes can be successfully managed through proper self-monitoring, medication and lifestyle changes. People with diabetes have a high

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