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Diabetic Emotions: Fawad Aly Shah


Diabetes is chronic in nature, it requires daily care and attention as it is something which never goes away. Such severity, for some people it can be emotionally draining. The situation becomes worse if there are other stresses in diabetic’s lives already. If we walk into a room, we can very easily spot an individual with a runny nose from a cold, but we cannot tell easily who has diabetes among them. This invisible nature of diabetes brought internal and interpersonal conflict in diabetic’s life. One end, he feel the ‘same’ as other people, with many of same desires and needs. On other side he feel ‘different’, the restriction and prohibition of many activities brought stress in diabetic’s life.

Every individual who suffers from diabetes goes fawad-aly-shahthrough various emotional stages. At the disclosure of being diabetic; shock and confusion overwhelmed him. After that denial about not being diabetic surrounds his life. He thinks may be test reports are not authentic or he needs to change his doctor.

Diabetic normally shows signs of fear and anxiety over the possibilities of suffering with chronic illness and thinks that it will lead to long term problems with his eyes, kidneys or other body organs.

The hidden nature of diabetes makes this a disease without illness. A diabetic may n0t experience any immediate symptoms, even though subtle changes are occurring throughout in his body. Without good management this can lead to more complications in future life.

Another important aspect is about frustration and anger. Diabetic may be gets upset from the fact that he has diabetes at first place, then his inability to learn basic skills to know how to care himself. New routines about diet plan, physical activities and other life style changes start to frustrate him. It is of huge importance to realize the fact that in diabetes there will be good days and bad days. It is possible when a diabetic follow his treatment plan efficiently but don’t see the better results in reply. Don’t get frustrated or carried away by these moments. Treat them as a part of managing your disease.

Unpredictability is also a characteristic of diabetes. The degree may vary from person to person. Diabetes impact on a diabetic’s body often changes over time, requiring adjustments as he gets older. There are moments when sudden change in diabetic’s blood glucose will occur for no apparent reason. Such unpredictability is very worrisome and unsettling. Diabetic can become so anxious about experiencing hypoglycemia without any justification. To counter such situations knowledge base of diabetic must be updated or regular intervals.

Diabetes is such a chronic disease that it creates certain challenges in diabetic’s life about how he thinks of himself? Is he well or sick? Master or Victim? In control or helpless? Positive or negative? Response to such questions will determine the effective management of diabetes. Stay in positive attire and defining yourself in positive way will help you to reduce the haphazard effects of diabetes.

According to a research, high and low blood glucose levels brought obvious changes in diabetic’s mood. Low glucose level brought nervousness and irritability and high blood glucose level bring fatigue and depression. Blaming all feeling, to diabetes may prevent diabetic from uncovering the true sources of his distress, and that can keep him away from solving the issues and sense of happiness to be felt.

Diabetes is all about learning what to do and practicing it day after day besides of changing circumstances.

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