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Diabetic Food


Diabetic food is fast becoming an obsolete term. Yet, this doesn’t stop thousands of diabetics believing they have to buy this food and countless manufacturers selling diabetic food products.

The situation has reached the point at which Diabetes UK and the Food Standards Agency have issued a joint statement calling for an end to ‘diabetic food’ and ‘suitable for diabetics’ on food labels.

Dietary policy

This shift in dietary policy is largely down to changing diet advice, which recommends that any food is suitable for people with diabetes in sensible moderation.

Concern has existed for some time that labelling a food as ‘diabetic’ could mislead people with diabetes into thinking that the food was essential or at the least especially suitable.

Often, diabetic foods are more expensive than standard products, with sugar-free and low-sugar versions also often misleading.

Often, ‘diabetic’ food labelling is applied to sweet food such as biscuits and chocolate.

According to the joint statement – people who eat sugary food should do so sparingly, and only as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Effectively, healthy eating advice provided by the authorities is the same for people with diabetes as it is for those without.

Essentially, specially designated ‘diabetic’ foods should now become a thing of the past.

I am diabetic, should I eat diabetic food?

No, people with diabetes don’t need to eat special diabetic food.

Health authorities and Diabetes UK advise a healthy, balanced diet with no need to seek out specially labelled food. Because a manufacturer labels a food as ‘suitable for diabetics’ doesn’t mean that other food is necessarily unsuitable for diabetics.

Why should I avoid diabetic food?

Firstly, ‘diabetic’ food is often much more expensive than other types of food.

Secondly, this type of food may offer no additional health benefits for the buyer. Because of this, it is recommended that diabetics don’t need to focus their food buying on diabetic food.

Will diabetic food hurt me?

Choosing diabetic food over healthy, natural products may damage your blood glucose control more than eating a balanced diet.

Courtesy: Mayo Clinic

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