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Effective Coping Skills for Diabetes: Fawad Aly Shah


Every time, Amina, Skipped her insulin, she felt an immediate sense of satisfaction. After some time she suffered the consequences of her action in the form of regret, guilt high blood sugar and nausea. At 17, the way she chooses to cope up with her disease always back fire painfully. For many years, she silently battled with anxiety and anger over diabetes. Her siblings were also jealous of her due to extra care she receives due to the disease. She was suffering from depression, frustration and anger.

On the other hand Binish a 50 years old dietitian fawad-aly-shahhas suffered from type–2 diabetes for last 10 years. She was also quite resistive to change with regards to diabetes. She wants to know more about the disease but again her frustration, resentments and shame about the disease restricts her to do so.

It is quite ironic that people make choices about how they feel, react or behave silently. Since Amina and Binish are different in ages, type of diabetes but they are identical in their feelings about the diabetes. Researchers have proved the fact that when we change our view about diabetes, we can improve not only our physical health as well as emotional health also.

It is the feeling about diabetes which brought a kind of uneasiness in our lives. When someone is diagnosed with diabetes certain emotions overlaps that individual. These emotions play crucial part in the management of the disease. Some of these emotions are of loneliness, guilt sham, anger, denial and secrecy. These mixed emotions caused havoc in diabetic’s life. First of all, denial creeps in the life of patient. Early diagnosis of diabetes creates denial in some individuals. When denial breaks up anger comes. The anger of having diabetes is so overwhelming that it floods away all the wisdom and calmness of the diabetic. Similarly emotions of loneliness, guilt and shame take over the diabetic. It is always a challenge to make pace with diabetes. When due to over eating diabetic blood sugar goes up feelings of frustration and self-blaming comes in. These stressful situations can be avoided by increasing knowledge base about the disease. Creating healthy environment around diabetic gives all of his family members an opportunity to manage their emotions well.

There is a profound impact on individuals who are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and their families. When people are diagnosed with diabetes, there is so much to learn, to do, and to worry about. Diabetic feels happy when his blood sugar due to proper care remains under control he feels better emotionally and physically.

Following actions are quite helpful in managing diabetes well.

  • Rational Support
  • Solve problems related diabetes
  • Self-Reliance
  • Efficiency in relation with coping skills

Above mentioned coping skills are of great effect in relation with diabetes. Rational support is much needed when an individual is battling with diabetes. Problems and complications are always in search of diabetic. By identifying the problems and seek proper help for the solution is of great value. Self-reliance is very useful technique with reference to effectively balance the life style in accord with diabetes. In last efficiency in relation with these coping skills is a must. Diabetes in manageable if the diabetic gracefully accepts the life style changes it demands.

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