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Foot Care in Diabetes: Fawad Aly Shah


It is witnessed that people with diabetes suffered from foot problems on regular basis. Many factors support this argument; Diabetics have less sensation in their feet due to nerve damage. They face more narrowing or blockage in their blood vessels. Type-2 diabetics due to old age or obesity cannot bend down to inspect their feet properly. These are some of the factors which contributors to complications related to feet in diabetes.

Now we will examine these factors in detail. fawad-aly-shahFirstly; less sensation in feet due to nerve damage in diabetes, For example, a diabetic may step on a tack without noticing anything. He might totally unaware of a severe burn on his feet after walking without shoes on hot pavement. These things further complicate the conditions and contribute to major fetal outcomes in diabetic’s life.

Second important thing is poor circulation of blood due to narrowing of blood verses, Cramps on legs, slow healing of cuts and wounds, Redness of feet while sitting, impaired normal hair growth on legs and feet, pain in feet and legs at night are common signs of impaired circulation of blood.

Another medical problem that can develop in diabetes is Charcot foot. According to research 1 of every 700 people who have diabetes affected by this. It is more common in people who are over-weight. It is caused by the injury of ligaments that support the arch of the foot. Major symptoms of Charcot foot are swelling without explanation and warmness to touch with no apparent break in skin.

To reduce the risk of foot problems backed up diabetes, it is important to follow these guidelines:

Check Your Feet:
Everyday closely examine your feet in good light. Always examine the bottoms of your feet. While using a mirror, look for areas of redness, dryness or breaks in skin around toenails and between the toes.

Clean Your Feet:
Wash your feet in warm, soapy water each day. Do not soak your feet. Soaking softens the skin and makes it more vulnerable for infections. Rinse your feet well after washing and dry them carefully between toes.

Care For Your Skin:
Lubricate your foot skin to prevent them from dryness. Creams are better choice than lotions. After applying the cream put on clean dry socks to promote absorption. Never use perfumed lotions, because they contain chemicals which dry rather than lubricates.

File Your Toenails:
Do file your nails. Never use scissors or clippers for this purpose. Always file with emery board. Never file your nails shorter than the ends of toes. Shape them according to the contours of your toes.

Wear Good Shoes:
Always wear good pair of shoes, select those shoes that protect and covers your feet. Make sure your shoes allow space for your toes. Always check inside your shoes for foreign object before putting them on. Break new shoes in gradually to prevent blisters from forming.

Following rules are devised by dialectologists to prevent any complications regarding foot care in diabetes;

  • Avoid soaking of feet
  • Avoid applying heat of any kind to your feet
  • Avoid cut your toenails
  • Avoid wear shoes that do not fit in.
  • Avoid using strong medications on your feet
  • Avoid keeping your feet too dry or too moist
  • Do consult podiatrist once in a year for detailed feet examination

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