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Getting Yourself Benefited By Mindful Eating: Haroon Christy Munir


Most people react mindlessly to their thoughts and thus they keep on repeating the same process again and again. For example, a thought of having a piece of your favorite cake and afterwards converting your thought into an action  without realizing how badly it will affect your sugar levels results in poor management of your diabetes and is what we call mindless eating. Mindfulness is actually getting yourself aware of what’s happening currently including the thoughts your mind is thinking. It asks detaching yourself from your surroundings.

Everything is controlled by our brain and hence itharoon-charisty2 needs appropriate rewiring. Rewiring process is abbreviated by a chain reaction called TFAR which stands for Thought, Feeling, Action, and Results. Firstly your thought leads to certain feelings which further results in Actions and comes out results. So the most important is your starting point which is your thought and belief system. Work on your thoughts and belief system. Once you are done with it, you will be able to develop appropriate feelings, resulting in required action and here comes your desired results. Continuously working this way will develop a new neural pathway making it your habit.

Following are some of the ways to help yourself develop mindful eating patterns:

  • The best idea to start up with a mindless eating in diabetes is to develop a habit of reduced non-hunger eating patterns. This means if you are not hungry than don’t eat. Eating when you are not hungry is highly not advisable for diabetic patients.
  • Check your blood sugar levels regularly and observe which food intake results in high blood sugar levels and which helps in maintaining the low blood sugar levels. If you will keep working on this pattern regularly, you will develop such a good sense that even before checking your blood sugar you will know how much it would be.
  • Getting yourself dosed with the proper nutrients and calorie intake knowledge can change your life completely resulting in more healthier and happier life. Passing by a famous food chain you may get an instant gratification to go inside and have your favorite meal. If you are fully equipped with the food knowledge you will think about what feeling you will dig up having that and hence you will foresee the long-term benefits. Always imagine that if your Hba1c comes out to be 5.5 , the appreciation you will receive from your diabetologist has no substitute, even not your favorite meal.
  • It is always advisable to concentrate and pay attention to what you are eating. Mindful eating follows a certain pattern and thus helps you intake what’s good for your body. A person who does not go through a mindful eating pattern comes across emotions like frustration, guilt, deprivation and rebellion. Once you start doing mindful eating these emotions gets replaced by new healthy emotions like happiness, satisfaction, motivation and confidence. There is no comparison of a feeling proud of yourself and mindful eating bonuses you with that wonderful feeling.
  • For a diabetic patient it is necessary to get out of the fear of low blood sugar and fatigue from high which ultimately results in being less active. With the help of mindful eating the body starts recognizing what’s good for it and ultimately results into a successful sugar management.
  • Mindful eating helps in getting yourself prepared for trusting in your natural abilities of recognizing what’s good for you and what’s not which further assists in doing your other tasks more effectively and efficiently.
  • Define what type of food you should eat in order to control your diabetes. Always make a shopping list before you go, so you pick and choose the right food for you and shouldn’t get trapped by unhealthy choices.

In a nutshell,

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” – Ann Wigmore

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