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Help Yourself by Managing Your Anger: Mussarat Shaheen


Anger is a healthy emotion but can become unhealthy if not channelized properly. Intensity of anger rises at the time when we feel disappointed, stressed or depressed. Repressed anger causes anxiety and depression but interestingly according to recent studies anger can give high to motivation commonly known as rational anger.

Rage on the other end is an unexpressed Mussrat-profile-pictureaccumulated anger with an underlying suppressed shame based on expression of anger. If kept unchecked it may lead to violence. It generates flight or fight response often in reply to external cues such as Murder of a loved one. Oxytocin, vasopression and corticotrophin rapidly release from hypothalamus when an excessive amount of rage is produced.

Anger is caused due to the Adrenal gland and thyroid gland. Anger causes secretion of the adrenal hormone adrenaline and noradrenalin which prepares body for the flight or fight response against a threat. Primary Hormone associated with anger and adrenaline causes hyper activity and rage.

Anger is more analytical rather than action based. In anger mind comes before brain. Fear and Anger are basic emotions of our self-ego and may lead to aggression. Anger is energy response from the gut and abdominal area. It’s about power and manipulating others.

Relationship of Anger and Diabetics:
In a brain, a neurotransmitter called dopamine is responsible for behavior changes and mood stabilization. Insulin level affects the dopamine system of Brain which may be involved in psychological as well as neuropsychiatric illnesses. People with hypoglycemia (a critical situation where blood sugar level is low) are often diagnosed with mood swings and personality issues.

The increase in adrenaline is a byproduct of the body survival instinct. It occurs in response to hypoglycemia caused by over production of insulin. This sets up cascade of various hormones to be released which can ultimately result in adrenaline induced anger. Diabetic burnout on the other end occurs when a diabetic patient feels frustrated, disillusioned or submissive and as a result can become victim of self-destructive behavior.

Learn the skill to manage your anger:
There are four main points upon which your anger is laid

  • First of all explore the hidden truth behind your anger. It may be because of multiple reasons which may include not being able to absorb others point of view or it’s hard for you to compromise or it might be difficult for you to communicate your emotions to others.
  • Secondly be aware of anger symptoms or the situations which may trigger it out. Pin pointing the symptoms could be of great help in managing anger .It may be possible that the signs of triggering anger in critical situation are over generalizing, or you may jump to conclusions quite often. Obsession or stubbornness contributes a lot in triggering anger.
  • Thirdly learn to hold yourself back in crucial moments which further would help in expressing anger in a decent and appropriate way. For example give yourself a reality check about the situation and cross check your emotional state. If its high than at once apply the quick fix techniques such as breathe slowly, countdown to ten or drink water. You can also actively use your senses by watching, listening and touching good and pleasant things. Massage is also helpful for the stressed muscles.
  • Fourth proactively find out the healthier ways to express your anger and accordingly do your homework by making relationship your priority and by learning to forgive. The other most important tip is to set clear boundaries and learn to be assertive.

In a nutshell, managing your unhealthy anger is of utmost importance and if not taken into account, it could lead to injurious consequences

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured” – Mark Twain

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