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Insulin…. A Wonderful Medication: Fawad Aly Shah


Diabetics face many difficulties in accepting that insulin is and must be injected to perform daily tasks normally. There is unknown fear attached to insulin usage. In reality, it is simply an effective medication which helps diabetics to maintain their disease well. It is the other name of life for type-I diabetes. For type- 2 diabetics it is needed to maintain good health. By definition “Insulin is a hormone manufactured by the beta cells in the aisles of Langerhans in the pancreas. It was discovered in 1921 by two Canadian doctors, Frederick bunting and Charles Best.

With rapid advancements in medicines, many fawad-aly-shahchanges have occurred in the manufacturing of insulin. Its effectiveness is more sound and progressive than ever before. Many factors must be taken in consideration with regards to insulin:

  • Insulin cannot be taken orally, it must be injected.
  • Insulin is measured in units, for easiness its units are denoted by ‘U’. U-100 is the standard of insulin used today.
  • A proper syringe must be used for the measurement of correct does. Most commonly insulin is categorized in three type’s rapid-short-longtime acting. All of these vary in three important ways, which is time;

          Onset:                How quickly it works
          Peak activity:    When insulin works hardest
          Duration:           How long the insulin continues to work.

Basically the goal of insulin to mimic how body would naturally produce insulin, it is useful to think about how normal insulin secretion occurs. Before the occurrence of diabetes, individual’s glucose level was maintained within normal range by slow and continuous secretion of insulin from pancreas into the blood. In medical terms it is known as ‘basal insulin supply’. It ensured the normal range (70-140 mg/dl) within individual. After diabetes, the contrast between injection insulin and bodily produced insulin are not tuned well. It is due to many factors. Such as type of insulin, injection site, the depth of injection, and temperature of skin and surroundings.

Variation in meals, change in physical activity or other factors like stress, illness and infections also contributes a lot. Besides all these difficulties, insulin keeps individuals glucose level as close to normal as possible. Today with more insulin options available a diabetic must consults his doctor for the development of an insulin plan that suits his meal and activity patterns. Diabetic must communicate with his doctor. So that doctor understands what his routine eating and activity patterns are. This is of core importance in developing of insulin plan. Diabetic must check his blood glucose, record it in his logbook it will also help him to manage diabetes effectively.

It is also important to change, or rotates, the sites where you inject insulin. Repeated injections at same place can cause fat to accumulate overtime. There are two options available; one is to choose a particular area for a particular injection time. For example, diabetic may inject his morning insulin in abdomen, lunch insulin in arm and dinner insulin in thigh. Other is of choosing a site such as abdomen, and inject for a month there then move to move site.

Always remember the fact it is not necessary that your diabetes is worse so you must take the insulin. Insulin just facilities you in better way to control your diabetes well.

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