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Is There A Link Between Kids With Type 1 Diabetes And Their Academic Performance?

Is there an association between type 1 diabetes and standardized test scores in schoolchildren? That’s the question a group of researchers recently ventured to ask.

Dr. Niels Skipper, from Aarhus University, in Aarhus, Denmark, and coauthors answered this question by conducting a  population-based retrospective cohort study from January 1, 2011, to December 31, 2015.

They examined the test scores of 631,620 Danish public schoolchildren with and without type 1 diabetes.

Of the 631,620 included schoolchildren, the average age was 10.31 years, 51% of which were male; 2031 had a confirmed diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.

What Were Their Findings?

The researchers found there was no significant difference in standardized reading and mathematics test scores of children with type 1 diabetes compared with test scores of children without diabetes.

They conclude that among Danish schoolchildren, type 1 diabetes was not significantly associated with differences in standardized test scores.

The results showed that among 631,620, the overall, the mean combined score in math and reading was 56.11.

There were no significant differences in test scores found between children with type 1 diabetes (mean, 56.56) and children without diabetes.

The estimated difference in test scores between children with and without type 1 diabetes from a linear regression model with adjustment for grade, test topic, and the year was 0.24 and 0.45 with additional adjustment for socioeconomic status.

The researchers conclude there is no significant difference in reading and math scores between the groups of children who were attending second, third, fourth, sixth and eighth grades in Denmark.

The authors, however, note that the findings may not apply to other countries.

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