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Is Your Kid Prone To Diabetes? Haroon Christy Munir


With the increasing rise in childhood obesity we can see the rising trend in Type II diabetes in kids as well. Usually most people relate Type II diabetes with older generation but now days it’s affecting the kids at the same footing. One of the major reasons for this rising trend is Obesity or in general term we call it being overweight. Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator will help you find out whether your kid is overweight or not. If the results indicates he being overweight than parents at their earliest should contact the pediatrician and get a healthy diet plan for their kid. Usually in such cases with a healthy diet, more outdoor activity is also recommended.

Another major contributor in diabetes is the haroon-charisty2ethnic back ground. We Asians are prone to diabetes even when kids. Family history also indicates the chances of becoming victim of this disease. According to a research, type 2 diabetics have 74% – 100% chance of having a family member with diabetes.

Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in kids include: increased drinking known as polydipsia, increased urination known as polyuria and weight loss. Where as in type 2 diabetes polydipsia and polyuria either does not occur or are mild in nature. Hence the symptoms of type 2 diabetes include black furry mark on child skin fold and neck. In medical language it is called acanthosis nigricans.

According to American Diabetic Association kids need testing when they are overweight accompanied with any of the following two factors:

  • A family history of type 2 diabetes in first- and second-degree relatives,
  • belonging to a certain race/ethnic group (American Indians, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asians/South Pacific Islanders),
  • having signs of insulin resistance or conditions associated with insulin resistance (acanthosis nigricans, hypertension, dyslipidemia, PCOS)

Childhood obesity needs to be catered well before it’s too late and the top of the list risk factor is nutrition that is what your child is consuming. It’s important that you help your child avoid having much of a junk food, high caloric food, foods with high fat, and higher consumption of soda. The second major risk factor is lack of physical activity specifically in the present era when kids are all surrounded by gadgets like Xbox and PSP. Lesser the physical activity, higher the chances of obesity. Third major risk factor is your genetics, i.e. if obesity runs in your family than that is an alarming call for the parents that it shouldn’t become part of their child’s life. Last but not the least interestingly according to the researches if your child is not getting enough sleep he is more prone to childhood obesity, an important aspect mostly missed by many parents.

Mentioning all the risk factors that could make your child obese there is always the other side of the picture known as preventions. Except one of the risk factor that is genetics all other are controllable even the onset of diabetes could be delayed. Preventions includes making healthy food become part of your child’s life with adding more fruits and vegetables, preferring low fat food and healthy snacks and avoiding soda drinks. Secondly help your child involve in more of an outdoor activity and accompanying them would be a good idea.  Lastly keep an eye whether your child is getting enough sleep, in case you see inappropriate pattern consult your doctor at once and share your concern.

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