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Needle Anxiety

There can’t be many people who actually like giving themselves injections, but to what extent ...
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How much do you know about Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12, one of the eight B vitamins, is vital to the healthy function of ...
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Disability Resources

Diabetes can cause a number of complications, including some that can affect your ability to get ...
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Diabetes and Your Skin

Protecting Your Outermost Layer The phrase “feeling comfortable in your own skin” is usually used figuratively ...
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Boning Up on Bone Health

What are your plans for retirement? Are you saving for your financial future with an ...
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Memory Fitness

How to Get It, How to Keep It It is not enough to have a good ...
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Thyroid Disorders and Diabetes

Thyroid disorders are very common in the general U.S. population, affecting up to 27 million ...
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Traveling With Diabetes: Expert Advice

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a casual one, living with diabetes can create some ...
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