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Parenting of Diabetic Kid: Fawad Aly Shah


The diagnosis of diabetes in a child generates waves of stress within the family. This may affect the child and his attitude towards the disease. Diabetes in child is loaded with emotions for the parents and is very difficult for them to accept the fact with grace. As there are possibilities of inherited factors being involved, unconscious guild may attack them. Apart from general citation some specific suggestions are of great importance.fawad-aly-shah The parents should intelligently inform about diabetes. They must disregard the mysticism and seek out the latest scientific information in this regard. Parents should avoid being over restrictive. They should avoid being over indulgent. Parents must not use wrong tactics like (bribe the child or intimidate him) to accept injections and other necessities of treatment as established reality for him. Parents should try to accept the disease in such a manner that is seems to cause very little distress in normal living. Very often the diabetic child before the inception of diabetes is already suffering from acute acidosis. When diabetes is recognized oftenly it requires immediate hospitalization in children. For any kid it is very traumatic experience. After coming back from hospital, he discovers that he must have at least one injection of insulin a day. He must have his urine tested for sugar and acetone very often. Now his eating patterns will be changed forever. He must eat six times a day. Three meals a day with addition of three snacks. His diet is not more according to his own will as before. He cannot eat, sugar, sweets, candies and fizzy drinks. These all changes and restrictions are beyond the understanding of the kid.

Childhood diabetes has some unexpected characteristics for which the parents should be prepared in advance. A first characteristic is a dramatic improvement in disease progression after the inception of diabetes. Other is about the confusion between insulin reaction and acidosis. Unless the parents are aware of these strange behaviors of the disease, treat immediately for insulin reaction and they should not to come in the spiral of short improvement in diabetes.

Good treatment of a diabetic child normally consists of balanced diet. This diet should be combination of those foods which permits full growth and enough insulin so that child may utilize most of his food. The administration of insulin is surely a problem at start. Parents should try to keep the injection simple and un-complicated. In order to prevent the development of problems later in kind’s life, it is important for the parents not to be over-proactive. Due to extreme instability of teenage diabetes, many ordinary things may create problems. Like, seasons of the year, weather and temperature. Take this example for understanding the things well. Playing out door on a bright sunny day may reduce child’s need for insulin. But if it is raining his physical activity is reduced and this will cause an increase in insulin need. Kids who are allowed only three meals a day without extra snacks are bound to have insulin reactions. Here parents’ knowledge about the disease is tested. They must learn where to establish a balance between the actual needs imposed by the disease and the needs of child as a kid. Parents must educate themselves first about diabetes and then teach the child to treat himself.

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