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Safe Travelling with Diabetes: Fawad Aly Shah


They key to successful travelling is planning for a diabetic. Whether you are driving across the country or jet-sitting for an exotic holiday diabetic just does not need to be hesitate or feel less privileged due to restricted options. With adequate planning a diabetic can care well about disease.

These are numbers of things which should be considered before making any plan of going out.

Medical checkup:
Visit your doctor at least a month ahead of time
fawad-aly-shahto be sure that your general health is satisfactory and your diabetes is in good control. Ask your doctor to write a letter explaining in detail your condition and any complications that another physician would need to know to take proper care of you. This letter may also of great importance in case you are ever questioned about syringes and other medical items you are carrying. Diabetic must ask his doctor about medications to combat motion sickness or diarrhea. Such problems can be very disruptive to diabetes management.

If you are travelling to areas of the world where immunizations are required, determine what is necessary for your destination. Some immunizations such as one for hepatitis require multiple injections and may take some time. Vaccination requirements change constantly, so be sure to get the latest information. Also check your medical records to determine which immunizations you have already had when you had them.

Extra medications, Syringes, Prescriptions:
Plan to take extra supplies of diabetes pills, syringes, insulin and any other medications you may need. Also carry prescriptions for these medications, which you will need to fill if your medications are misplaced.

Never skip meals / snacks:
If travelling by car, diabetic must eat some form of carbohydrate when his meals might be delayed. Also keep carbohydrate-containing foods in your car in case of a low blood glucose reaction. If you tend to have low blood glucose, you might want to eat a snack of one carbohydrate serving (15g of curb) every two hours.

Blood glucose checking:
When travelling, check your blood glucose more often. When travelling long distances, make sure that you check your blood glucose level every four to six hours. Stress, changes in activity, food intake and sleep can affect blood glucose levels. Never change your watch until you arrive at you destination. At starting of your trip, your readings might be not within target because of all the excitement and change in your usual routine. Once you have brought your glucose back to your target range, you can follow your usual routine with regard to checking your blood glucose.

Physical Activity:
Physical Activity is important while traveling. If you are on an airplane or train for a long period, occasionally walk up and down the aisle to stimulate circulation. If on a car trip, plan to stop and stretch your legs every 1 ½ hours or so.

Tell your companions:
If you are travelling with relatives or friends, let them know about your diabetes. They can adopt their plans to meet your needs and can also be of assistance if you should need it.

Adjustment of medication for different time zone:
If you are crossing time zones, ask your doctor if you should modify your insulin dose. If you take diabetes pills, you may or may not be advised to omit a dose on a shortened travel day. In general, having too long an interval between doses in safer than having too short an interval.

Prevent sunburn:
Avoid overexposure to the sun. Severe sunburn is stressful to the body and can raise your blood glucose levels. It may lead to dangerous conditions such as ketoacidosis.

Prevent Diarrhea and Motion Sickness:
Diarrhea is an unpleasant problem for anyone. For diabetics it is especially dangerous because it can deplete the body of fluids and unabsorbed nutrients, upsetting the balance between his insulin dose and the glucose left in his body. Diabetic must avoid eating peeled fruits, leafy vegetables, undercooked meals and milk products.

By preparing in advance and taking precautions suggested above, a diabetic will be able to relax and have a wonderful journey!

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