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Dr Arzinda Fatima

MEDITERRANEAN DIET…. the latest trend: Dr.Arzinda Fatima

A recent study published in the New England journal of Medicine was carried out in ...
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Too much Calcium is bad for the heart : Dr. Arzinda Fatima

For last three decades patients have been taking lot of calcium supplements either prescribed by ...
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Reprogramming pancreatic alpha cells to produce insulin: Dr. Arzinda Fatima

Pancreas has four types of cells, alpha cells(20%) producing glucagon, beta cells(80%) producing insulin, gamma ...
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Continuous Gluose Monitoring & Artificial Pancrease: Dr Arzinda Fatima

The latest devise by dexcom is a fourth generation blood glucose monitor that uses a ...
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How much sugar can diabetics eat per day: Dr Arzinda Fatima

Gone are the days when being labeled as diabetic meant…. No more sugar for the ...
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Skin problems in Diabetes: Dr. Arzinda Fatima