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Targets & Tools for Diabetes Treatment: Fawad Aly Shah


As we all know diabetes is a chronic state that requires treatment and management of life time. In our modern world we are fortunate enough to have better ways and medications for helping us in managing diabetes well. Two reasons are vital for why it is important to treat diabetes effectively. One is to gain relief from rapid and uneasy symptoms of high blood glucose. Secondly, is to prevent or minimize the long-term complications arises from mismanagement of diabetes.

In diabetes a diabetic has to set targets about his fawad-aly-shahblood glucose, lipid profile and blood pressure. According to American Diabetes Association following recommendations are for adults with diabetes:

              A1C                                       :        Less than 7%
              Pre-meal Glucose level     :        90-130 mg/dl
              Post-meal Glucose level    :        Less than 180 mg/dl

Why there is so much emphasis on blood glucose control before and after taking food in diabetes? It is due to many reasons. Various researches have shown that normal level of blood glucose in people with diabetes helps them to delay or even prevent diabetes complications.

The individuals who have H1c less than 2% cut 50% of chances of having kidney failures. A study conducted by (UKPDS) proved the fact that lowered A1C level decreased eye and kidney complications by 25% and risk of heart and blood vessel disease by 16%. Control of post-meal glucose is also very important. It is highly advisable for diabetes to consult their doctors about their targets and goals about A1C and blood glucose levels.

Other important thing in diabetes management is targets about lipid and blood pressure monitoring. Lipids refer to blood fat, so the lipid targets are about cholesterol, its different components and triglycerides. Achieving lipid and blood pressure targets are important for the prevention of heart disease also. Lipid profile is about low-density lipoprotein (LDL) which is termed as ‘bad’ cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or the ‘Good’ cholesterol. Adults with diabetes should follow following recommendations:

              LDL Cholesterol          :        Less than 100 mg/dl
              Triglycerides               :        Less than 150 mg/dl
             HDL Cholesterol          :        Greater than 40 mg/dl in men and
                                                             greater than 50 mg/dl in women.
              Blood Pressure            :        Less than 130/80 mm Hg

Understanding Diabetes treatment program comprises of following approaches:

  • Nutrition planning
  • Exercise
  • Medications
  • Self-Supervision

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A diabetic must use a food and meal plan to balance the nutrients he needs to maintain good health and manage his blood glucose level well. Diet plans will also help him to meet his lipid and blood pressure targets. Exercising is a must for a diabetic. Becoming or staying physically active helps everyone. In diabetes extra benefits are attached with physical activity. It helps to use insulin better by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Recent studies have shown that the people, who are fit, have a lower risk of death from diabetes complications.

Medications are very vital component of diabetes management program. In type 1 diabetes insulin injections are vital to stay alive. In type 2 diabetes meal planning and physical activity are also combined with medications. Self-supervision involves monitoring your diabetes in reference with checking blood sugar and guessing your level in relation to your medication, eating and exercise. By self-supervision we are able to gauge the progress of diabetes management program. It also helps us to decide what changes need to be made in our treatment program.

Diabetes will surely affect all areas of our life that is why it is so important that the treatment program must be customized to meet our needs and life styles. Diabetic’s active participation in treatment will also enable him to achieve far greater level of freedom and control in his daily affairs.

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