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Working With Diabetes: Fawad Aly Shah


Ideally, every job should be available to every qualified person, every employer must have an enlightened and intelligent approach to diabetes, and every employee should be successful at managing diabetes without any interruption of work. It sounds very true in writing but this is not a perfect world in which we are living. As every person and every workplace have their own features, the opportunities are quite hard to come by. Diabetic must remember that having diabetes is only one of his individual characteristic, he can work with it.

In our changing society, where people frequently fawad-aly-shahchange jobs and even places, the issue of employment discrimination often comes up at the time of job interview for a diabetic individual. A potential employee is permitted to ask him if he has any health problem that would interfere with work. This is a tough question for a diabetic to ask. Do not lie while answering it. Diabetes is not a disqualifier; the issue is can he performs the job task?

There are specific jobs in which diabetes is a particular problem. Like jobs related to law enforcement agencies and active military jobs. There is also an important thing, whether stress on job makes diabetes worse. Infect any adrenalin rush does tend to raise blood sugar, but diabetic can take extra insulin or tighten his diet or compensate it with some regular exercise to manage the situation well . It all depends on a diabetic capacity to work in stressful environment. Diabetics also worry about whether their diabetes is compatible with long hours, shift work, irregular hours and unpredictable exercise. They also worry especially about jobs that require a high level of intellectual work. Again, they have to consider their own personality type. If diabetic finds it convenient and manage his diabetics well these things would not disturb his blood glucose level.

Aslam is a law enforcement officer who carried a gun in his daily duty. Admittedly, he has never used it in action over a long career in police work. But he is concerned that if an insulin reaction were to occur at the wrong time, someone could hurt badly.

An easy answer is to say that no one’s risk is ever zero and that no one ever knows when any type of health emergency may occur. There are many practical steps a diabetic can take to avoid such situations.

Know If You Are At Risk:
Review your treatment plan. Ask yourself questions like are you always aware when your blood sugar goes low? Have you ever become confused and required help of another person to treat your reaction? If yes then you are at a special risk, if no then the risk is much less.

Know Your Most Vulnerable Times:
Ask yourself, do I tend to be on the low side before launch or in late afternoon?

Keep A Source Of Concentrated Sugar All The Times:
It is absolutely essential if you take insulin.

Be Sure Your Coworkers Know About Your Disease:
Have a chat with your coworkers over your diabetic condition more often. By this way they will be in better position to help you out in traumatic conditions.

Whatever your employer or your coworkers think; diabetic should know in his heart that diabetes is just one of his personal characteristic. It should not define him in the workplace anyone than it should define him throughout life.

Having diabetes is very compatible with vast majority of work settings and potentially compatible with anything. It is true that diabetic has to think about many things that his colleagues at work ignore, like timing of his meals, work schedules, extra doctors, appointments and so on. Diabetic can do it, but he will has to work that much harder to succeed.

Finally, who is more likely to be disciplined, a person without diabetes or with diabetes? Who is generally eating a healthier diet? Who is generally more consistent, regular and reliable? These traits are enormous strengths in the work environment. And, infect they are very common traits among people with diabetes. People with diabetes are usually excellent employees. Self-discipline is a key to success, and people with diabetes usually have it.

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